Our Fees

Fees include, generally, two rehearsals per week from the starting date in October to the ending date in May, as well as three concerts. A one-time registration fee of $35 is required for new band families. Payments are to be made on a monthly basis. Full payment is expected even if student does not complete the program year.


*May be paid in 8 installments of $50

for the first band/choir


*May be paid in 8 installments of $40

for each additional band


*May be paid in 8 installments of $30

for Jazz Band and or Choir if student is a member of another band

Class Requirements

Each student will need to supply his or her own instrument including supplies particular to the instrument (i.e. reeds, harness, etc.), a sturdy black stand (we recommend Peak folding stands), the practice book particular to their band, a pencil, a respectful demeanor, a good attitude and a willingness to learn and practice!

Beginner Band

Essential Elements 2000 Book One
(particular to the student's instrument)

Concert Band

Essential Elements 2000 Book Two
(particular to the student's instrument)

Wind Ensemble

Standards of Excellence Book Three
(particular to the student's instrument)

Some Particulars About Participation...

A student must be 9 years of age to start band.

A student must be 12 years of age and able to read music to participate in  Concert Choir.

A student must be a member of the Concert Band or Wind Ensemble to be eligible

for Jazz Band.

Capital Christian Homeschool Bands requires all students to be homeschooled students following the homeschooling laws provided by the State of North Carolina.


Capital Christian Homeschool Bands offers 1 hour of credit for each of its ensembles.

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