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Auditions are required for participation in Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band and Concert Choir.  Each group has its own set of requirements. Please read further for the requirements for each group.

Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band Auditions

Anyone wishing to audition for CCHB Wind Ensemble for the fall should record yourself playing your solo (just the indicated cut) and the scales (as written… no bonus for extra octaves, etc.).  The recording can be made any way and in any format you like. We prefer mp3's, but have done this a few times and can convert pretty much any format you send.  If you can record it with a phone, tablet, or computer, you are probably good. Please include your name, grade and instrument. Auditions should be submitted to Mr. Jeff Fields at no later than 11:59 pm August 4. 

NCCSA All-State Band

Auditions will be held September 14 & 19.

2023 NCCSA Clinic will be held November 9-11.


Audition Materials for both

Wind Ensemble and NCCSA:


2023 NCCSA All-State Music Clinic Band Audition Solo List


Audition Scales

NCCSA does not require an audition for their choir.

CCHB choir has an assessment of vocal range.


Jazz Band

Jazz Band Audition Material may be obtained by sending your name, grade, and instrument to Jeff Fields at Auditions should  be submitted to Mr. Jeff Fields no later than 11:59 pm August 4.

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